Tim Soar

Project Description

Timothy Soar

Lion Works is perhaps the oldest, or amongst the oldest, buildings in the Wick. Originally an Iron Foundary it morphed through Chemical Dyes to Dry Cleaning via Upholstery and Soft Furnishings to Mirror and Furniture production.

The mirrors are still being made here. But now the building is also home to Designers, Artists, IT consultants, Tattooists, Actors, Photographers, Stylists, Fashion Houses, Film Makers, Production Units and Mezcal importers. Until recently Lion Works could also claim Gin makers and Chocolatiers. 

The yard is just as likely to be full of articulated lorries departing for the continent with a consignment of gilt edged dinning room mirrors as a collection of fashion models in silk being photographed for Harpers. So Lion Works is still about work. The program free and amorphic nature of the building’s gestation has produced a flexible and welcoming structure, capable of withstanding 150 years of technological, social, environmental and economic changes. 


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