Frances Hollis

Project Description

Dr. Frances Hollis

The way we live and work, and inhabit the city, is changing rapidly and radically, but the rules and regulations that govern what we can build lag way behind. Housing is the big, lucrative product, but it is just designed as space in which we can cook, eat, bathe, sleep, watch TV and bring up our children. This consigns the current substantial and rapidly increasing home-based workforce to inhabiting increasingly inappropriate spaces – and operating covertly because they either fear they are, or they actually are, breaking some regulation or other. Artists and people working in the creative industries in Hackney Wick and Fish Island find themselves at the sharp end of this.

The LLDC faces in two opposite directions here - committed to the established Hackney Wick and Fish Island creative communities who inhabit space in a fluid, non-binary and inventive way, but simultaneously prohibiting ‘live/work’ as a result of its failure in Hackney in the early 2000s.

How to square this circle? Shared Space speaker architect and academic Frances Holliss will draw on fifteen years of research into the architecture of home-based work to explore this knottiest of problems during the Soap Box Social 6pm Monday 5 June.


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